Anatrytone mazai (pinned specimens)
Anatrytone mazai pinned specimens
Anatrytone mazai (type specimens)
Anatrytone mazai type specimens
Anatrytone mazai (pinned specimens)
Anatrytone mazai pinned specimens
Anatrytone mazai (pinned specimens)
Anatrytone mazai pinned specimens
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anatrytone mazai pinned specimens : Anatrytone mazai (H. Freeman, 1969) (De la Maza's Skipper) Type Specimens photo collection: Pinned Specimens photo collection: Live Adults photo collection: Distribution and Larval Foodplants: S TX, E & W Mexico to Costa Rica. Synonymy. Genus Anatrytone Dyar, 1905mazai Freeman 1969 PT Mexico (Gue) specimen specimen specimen specimen specimen specimen specimen specimen specimen specimen live live live live live live : Anatrytone potosiensis ... specimen specimen specimen: Anatrytone flavens (Hayward, 1940) Flavens SkipperSome related literature: Burns, 1994 at the generic level: Atrytone restricted, Anatrytone resurrected, new genus Quasimellana--and yes! we have no Mellanas J. Lep. Soc. 48: 273-337 Dyar, 1903 A List of North American Lepidoptera and Key to the Literature of this Order of Insects Bull. U.S. nat. Mus. 52: 1-723 Dyar, 1905New USA (or Texas) Butterfly Records from the Rio Grande Valley (1872-2013) ... *Based on specimens in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Scudder identified and mis-identified ... Glowing Skipper - Anatrytone mazai [Laredo, Webb Co., 1935] Dark Kite-Swallowtail - Eurytides philolaus [South Padre Island, 1958]excellent quality, some photographs or specimens are of average quality, and there are seasonal forms to consider, so Pinratana's books are useful (and in English). For the complete checklist of Chinese butterfly species, click here. On the other side of the world, roughly 2500 species of butterflies North America home.Specimen handling in the laboratory Pathologists may be asked to provide tissue samples from fresh specimens for tissue banking or research purposes. The decision to provide tissue should only be made when the pathologist is sure that the diagnostic process including the measurement of maximum depth ofA Compilation of Hugh Avery Freeman's Unusual and Interesting Skipper records from the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Andrew Warren posted the following compilation of Hugh Avery Freeman's important Skipper records from the lower Rio Grande Valley to the Leps-Listserv.Taxonomy Documentation. Taxon Name is the "namestring" or "scientific name," the "data" that is used to form Identifications and the core of every Taxonomy record.; Taxon Term is the data value of either a classification term ("Animalia") or classification metadata (such as name authors).; Term Type is the rank ("kingdom") for classification terms, in which role it may be NULL, and the label ...Tree of Life Web Project topic. The Tree of Life Web Project is an ongoing Internet project providing information about the diversity and phylogeny of life on Earth.[1] [2] This collaborative peer reviewed project began in 1995, and is written by biologists from around the world.Voucher specimens are deposited in the collection of the University of Texas Insect Collection (UTIC). Information on the above species can be found Durden’s publication or online at the USGS’ Butterflies of Travis County, Texas website. Species without occurrence data were listed on the Butterflies of Travis County, Texas - USGS website.
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